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We currently have two full puppy classes running through the month of May.  We will be holding a Puppy Training  and Play Time Seminar on Tuesday, June 7.  This will be a one-hour program where we will discuss all the annoying and challenging puppy behaviours and give you solutions and some training tips.  Nipping and biting, jumping up, biting/chasing ankles, teaching sit/down, and coming when called, the most important commands for a puppy to learn!  We will also have a free play, where puppies can practice their social skills and make some new friends!  We will talk about proper play behaviours and how to interpret body language and learn when to interfere and when to leave them alone.  There will be limited attendance, so don’t wait to sign up for your puppy education evening!  $55. + hst

Our usual weekly Play Parties and four part Positive Learning Training Programs will resume July 5.   All puppy events are held at the Oshawa Animal Hospital, 670 Taunton Road, at Thornton.

 See PAWS-ITIVE PUPPIES for more details about our puppy programs. 

Jan Morgan is both a certified dog trainer and a professional breeder of  champion dogs for over 25 years.  She has first hand experience few can match with puppies, on both a professional and personal level.  To register:   905-430-3647 or by email (preferable) at

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